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  1. Hi all, Can someone help me create a preference to lock the 'Class Style' attribute to be the default for all lines that I make? I am trying to draft using different classes, and the attributes keep 'sticking' to certain styles, like a hatch for every shape and 30% opacity and I need to change the attributes back to 'Class style' for every line and shape I make! Help! It's driving me crazy. Thank you in advance! Abigail
  2. Hi everyone! New to Vectorworks still and just upgraded to V2020... in V2018 I could use my keyboard arrows to 'nudge' a selected object very slightly to the left/up etc with each click... now with V2020 my keyboard arrows jump my view left/right etc instead of the object. Any help with how to get this hotkey feature back to move objects? Thank you!
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