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  1. I found the adjustments on the Sheet Layer Advanced Properties, thank you!
  2. Hi Pat! Thanks for your fast reply, I clicked on Advanced Properties and don't see the option to adjust text scale - here's what it shows. I have Vectorworks 2020, is this an option somewhere else with my version?
  3. Another question about viewports and sheets.. I have text that I want in my design - contours and spot elevations - and want on every viewport. But when I have 1/8 scale vs 1/4 scale viewports the text is correct or HUGE. How can I keep the text consistent? Do I add the spot elevations on a Design layer and then overlay the layer? When I scale the design layer the text also scales, even when I uncheck 'scale text' so that doesn't work. Should I add the spot elevations to every sheet layer so it's the correct text size? that would take so long... Thanks for any advice you can all give on how you use text this way!
  4. Thank you for your answer! I also dug around more information and found that the class was off in the Viewport and I had to turn it on
  5. Can anyone tell me how to update viewports on my sheet layers? I made a change to the design layer after creating a viewport and thought the viewport would automatically update. I right clicked on the viewport and selected "Edit Design Layer" and "Update", nothing happened. Do I need to make a new Viewport to replace the existing viewport any time I make a change or turn something on/off? Thanks for your advice!
  6. Hi all, Can someone help me create a preference to lock the 'Class Style' attribute to be the default for all lines that I make? I am trying to draft using different classes, and the attributes keep 'sticking' to certain styles, like a hatch for every shape and 30% opacity and I need to change the attributes back to 'Class style' for every line and shape I make! Help! It's driving me crazy. Thank you in advance! Abigail
  7. Hi everyone! New to Vectorworks still and just upgraded to V2020... in V2018 I could use my keyboard arrows to 'nudge' a selected object very slightly to the left/up etc with each click... now with V2020 my keyboard arrows jump my view left/right etc instead of the object. Any help with how to get this hotkey feature back to move objects? Thank you!
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