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  1. Hello, I have created two different 2D door symbols to insert in walls (in VW 10 btw). Now every time I open the file some of these doors appear to have space in the wall on each side of the symbol. When I open and close *edit symbol* that seems to fix it...Could someone tell me why it does that? Thanks! Nat
  2. Hello, A very bizzare problem here. Am running VW 10 on Win XP, Athlon 64 3500+, 1GB RAM. Using some gradients as fills on several 2D polygons in elevations, BUT! - They seem to be deteriorating! Gradients I created this afternoon look fine, ones from this morning only have a little gradient on the border between two colours, and ones from yesterday turned into just two flat colours! They all used to look fine...am I missing something? Never seen this happen before! Please help! Oh, and it prints in the same weird way!
  3. Unfortunately converting symbol in wall to group doesn't seem to solve the problem because when ungrouping the wall is turned into poliline. But maybe I am doing something wrong? Help!
  4. Thank you guys! Will try both ways :-)
  5. I have been asked to render a 3D model of a building and it's interior using Strata 3D. It's a first time I am using Strata, and I have been following the instructions from Strata cafe for exporting VW files (exporting simple 3D script, converting to 3D polys, assigning classes etc). Everything seems to work fine, but I am stuck with exporting symbols in walls - like windows, for example. Basically what I want to know is whether it's possible to assign inserted symbols to their own class? So far I've discovered that as long as the symbol is non-hybrid I can successfully export it together with the wall - so it is in the same class as the wall (assigning a separate class while editing the symbol in VW didn't seem to work). So when it comes to ungrouping, the wall and the window in it turn into millions of polygons :-( So I wonder if it's possible to avoid that by somehow grouping/assigning the symbol to a class before export... Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello, I have a WHITE shop interior which I am trying to light and make it look realistic. So far I have been experimanting with ambient light in addition to other light sources, however the effect if either too contrast/grey or too washed out...any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hey! I am trying to create a floor texture using an image that I have scanned from a sample (pebbles). If anyone feels like sharing any tips how to make the texture seamless, I'd be super grateful!
  8. Hello, I am about to make a fabric canopy - some fabric draped over some beams, no elaborate swags. I have never done fabric before and a bit lost about where to start! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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