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  1. @Kevin Allen @Kevin K thank you both for your comments. I’ll give the glow texture a try. Also I tried the resolution on another render and that worked a treat. @Kevin K your render looks great. I see a lot of the light would be external sunlight coming in through the glazed roof, would I need to do an extra light source if I turned the spotlights to glow. Thanks!
  2. I've managed the under shelf lighting but had to leave the spotlights out as it was throwing the brightness off. Also the lightbox on the backwall was hard to achieve as I had to put the image on in photoshop after I had rendered but it should really have more of a glow.
  3. I'm looking for some advice on lighting a render. I work in retail and need to do quick renders to show how product would be displayed. A lot of these renders are only one wall. The light always lets them down as they don't look realistic. I need to show ambient lighting or spotlights as well as some feature lighting. Would this be because I am not closing the area off (with 4 walls) or is there certain tips I could use to enhance the way I am lighting. In the images shown it's almost like a grey film over the top and they don't seem as sharp as they shoud be. Any help would be much appreciated.
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