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  1. Good Evening. The question about the level of detail was asked. As a designer and contractor that is going to be getting my hands dirty my whole thing is about data. I want to see everything on a report on what I am going to need. I worked with to many people where they have a list of some things they need for the project from their blue prints then hand that over to me. Most of the time the contractor is so busy with other stuff they just hand this list to the supplier and that be that. When It came time to install all this, 90% of the time we had to get in the truck many times to get the other supplies. The plan details that were usually buried deep in the notes and we just did not have time to read them. Now keep in mind we had to guess because we were just the workers. So all the back and forth of the trips add up. Labor, gas, time, its always those little things that usually kill off a landscape business in the San Francisco area. Trust me if the parts are not on hand at the job site workers will "make due" to get the job done. Its always all those little things that kill off a business. A friend of mine use to work for ValleyCrest back in the day. When he submitted proposals everything and he ment everything was on that proposal down to the single dry splice wire connector. It adds up!
  2. Good Evening Everyone. When designing irrigation systems like a 4" sprinkler I want a swing joint to be used. What I am lookin to do is count all the parts I will need. I was looking at creating two records formats since i need three streel ells and one for the 6"riser then put those two records in the desired sprinkler outlet. Would you recommend that? Thanks!
  3. Greetings from California! Learning VW21 and its been interesting. A good interesting. I put a image of a plant in the plant data base. This plant is also in my User Library. When I use this plant from user library the image is there. Will this image stay with me when its time to upgrade? I am worried about loosing it. Thanks!
  4. Vectorworks21>Resource manager>open files> favorites>EntourageTrees.vxw Now I see trees and can pick them and put them in the drawing Vectorworks21>Plant Tool>plant style>open files> favorites>EntourageTrees.vxw Now i see the .vxw file but cant see any trees. Also, I can not put anything in the User Libraries in resource manager. Does the file: C:\Users\johnm\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2021 Is this file suppose to be unhidden and where i put plant material if i understand this correctly so it can show up in the User Libraries? I do have the monthly subscription plan and wondering if this is a limitation of the program.
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