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  1. Thank you very much! I still can't select all my walls at once. When I hover over the house walls it only ever select just one wall. So for instance if I want to make my house a little taller I have to hold the shift key and select them all. Seems a lot of actions. How can I get this done with one single action please?
  2. Hi, I am trying to draw my house walls on Vectorworks. When I look at my drawing on a 3D perspective, it does not show the full height of my walls but only what seems to be one floor and there is a red infill to the top of the walls. Why is that and how can I see the full height of my building? Also when I try to select everyone of my walls I can only select one... Any help welcome thank you
  3. Hi, I am fairly new to Vectorworks. I am working on a design for a garden which is on a slight slope. I want to create 3 terraces and I believe the best way to achieve this on Vectorworks would be to create my three levels on 3 separate layers. How can I set different z values for each of my layers please? Thank you!


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