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    Render Farm

    Oh, also, it's VW/RW 10 being used.
  2. rnelson

    Render Farm

    Does RenderWorks have renderfarm capabilities or does it work at all with Xgrid? The department I work in will be purchasing four new workstations this summer and we're looking at dual 2.0 ghz with 1gb of ram for each. As it took an hour for one student to render (it just finished a few minutes ago), setting those new systems up to render distributedly would be very nice.
  3. It hasn't been run on any but the crashing ones to this point (well, a few bought theirs last year) since they bought it. I'll play around with packaging a script that runs the permissions repair weekly today (slow days are great, they give me time to do stuff like that )
  4. That one, no; I'll have her run it on Tuesday. Another we did, but I can't remember if it crashed after that or not.
  5. One has just crashed twice in about 20 minutes; I got the debug info the second time. I slapped it online at http://randomdata.net/vectorcrash.txt. Memory access issue.
  6. Just talked to my boss. I mentioned both running DU manually and the scripts, but since we've tried it before he's not sure how it'll help. We have a copy of Apple Remote Desktop, so I'll play with creating a package to install the scripts and remote install it sometime. He also mentioned Panther Cache Cleaner; is there anything it helps with that may be a problem with VW? (his question) Also, I believe I stated that they were on a variety of systems; they're all on the new PBooks (15.2" Titaniums), more likely than not all standard configuration. Everything running 10.3.2 and VW 10.5.1.
  7. DiskWarrior doesn't install on the hard drive (well, optionally it can); it's run from a cd so it can mess with the system files which are in use. They've been using it in the department without any problems for a while, may be worth taking a look at sometime when you're bored. Assuming it only does what it says it's going to (time to whip out some system to debug while it's running? hehe), it's safe to run. As you say, though, you never know.
  8. Terminal's the first thing I run when I boot this (my laptop) up. Okay, I'll look when I get to work today. There's also a couple of scripts that I use on lab systems that I may try; they just simply add cron.{daily,weekly,monthly}/ and put a script for DU in one of them.
  9. (I'm the Student Tech Fellow [random tech] for the dept.) I've tried both Disk Utility and DiskWarrior on a couple systems with other issues and it still crashes (though the other issues are fixed). Next time it crashes, I'll try it again. Would there be any advantage to running DU from the OS install cd? I know that it, for obvious reasons, can't modify the mode (chmod -- always assumed mod was for mode, never actually read the man page) on anything open. Maybe DongleSys stuff could be it. (I haven't noticed random crashes on older copies of 10 (10.0.1) that are upgraded to 10.5.1 but don't require the dongle)
  10. Where I work, students run laptops (a few desktop systems in the lab are used by those who don't buy laptops), most of which are running 10.3.2 (I can't think of any off-hand that I know are still 10.2). They all just purchased VW 10.5.1 (dongle version, for lack of a better term). All systems are various G4 systems, nothing obvious in the area of low ram or hard drive space. They'll be working and suddenly it'll crash. The next time I see one of them do it, I'll check to see if the Submit Bug Report gives any useful debug information; if so, I'll do a followup. Are there any known issues in VW 10.5.1/OS 10.3.2?
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