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  1. @Wes Gardner Thank you for replying! Yes i went to resource manager to looked for "skylight" but doesn't show up.
  2. @JBenghiat Thank you for replying! Unfortunately It didn't work.... By any chance can you give me video lesson or do you know someone who give me personal online lesson? Thank you
  3. Dear team of vectorworks forum I recently started use vectorworks I have two question for resource manager. I want to put "skylight" but I couldn't find it on resource manager. I already downloaded all downloaded contents from "Help" and downloaded this plugin. https://www.veluxusa.com/professional/products/modular-skylights/cad-bim/vectorworks I follow the way to download and could see "velux modular skylight" on my tool set but doesn't work. second question is I cannot put material to wall. When I open resource manager and choose material to put wall but doesn't change anything. I hope some of you know the solution. Cheers Yohei
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