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  1. PK30 System is looking for a full time (will consider part time) draftsperson familiar with aluminum and glass demountable partition systems or related/similar trades; ie. curtain wall, storefront, etc. Please contact Philip Kerzner <pkerzner@pk30system.com>. Several sample shop drawings are attached. Philip 917.971.1697 1706_NRDC DC_2019.03.14_AS BUILT.pdf 1171_Hyatt HQ_Gensler_04.07.17 BINDER copy.pdf 2106_Ripley II_2020.07.16 BINDER.pdf
  2. Peter, I saw that, thank you. At the bottom of that article it states, "Vectorworks 2012 and earlier: If you are using Vectorworks 2012 or earlier, we do not recommend that you update to OS X Yosemite, as these versions will not run properly with the new OS." They said the same thing about running VW2010 on Mountain Lion and we're not having any problems.... tempted to try it.
  3. Has anyone using Vectorworks 2010 upgraded to Yosemite? Playing nice? (2010 is working fine on 10.9.4)
  4. Thanks, I'll give that a go.. The snapping to anywhere along a line problem is a drawback, we are drawing very detailed aluminum extrusion profiles that have tolerances down to several thousands of an inch, big problem when you think you're on a line but actually you are not. PK
  5. Is there a zoom out? used to be the X key...also Is there a setting adjustment to yield a good "snapping to a line", used to be able to snap anywhere along a line. just switched from 11 to 2010
  6. Thanks Charles, Guess I'll get my choppers, (and wallet), ready for bullet biting. Phil
  7. Thank you for the advice, I'll look into that. Philip
  8. Pat, Thanks for the informed reply. I think I would buy a G4 before buying another G5 Mac that has the liquid cooled system. I'm finding a lot of G5 liquid cooling system failure stories online. Many thanks, Philip
  9. Michaelk, Thanks, but what I'd like to know is if I can run vectorworks 11.5.1 on an intel chip machine. The Mac Pro's come with 10.5 loaded but I would reload it with 10.4.11 Operating System in order to use my existing Vectorworks software, (I think you can do that). Phil
  10. My G5 just went Kaput ! Cooling system failure. I'm not ready to spend the $$ or go through the learning curve to update my software to "2009". Facing a decision about buying a new or used Mac, if I buy a new Mac with the Pentium chip and install OS 1.4.11 Operating System will the machine run Vectorworks 11.5.1 without issues? Has anyone out there done this. I heard that 11.5.1. won't run on OS 10.5 Philip
  11. Looking for NYC based 3D vectorworks wiz to consult on occasions, I am drawing hardware components for export as a .STL file for rapid prototyping. Could also be telephone/e-mail consultations......
  12. thanx for the reply, I tried that early on to no avail, the parts won't intersect with correct geometry-Kerpez
  13. I'm working on a chair design and need to creat a bent washer shape,( as if you were to put a washer in a vise then bend over the portion sticking out). I thought about subtracting solids from a column but the edges would not be correct. Any thoughts?
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