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  1. [UPDATE] Still on sale! Please ask from your local dealer how much it costs to upgrade to the latest version. Offers are welcomed privately.
  2. Hi, license will be transferred with Transfer of Ownership form that both parties signs and I send it to my local Vectorworks dealer who then makes the transfer of ownership official. But anyways, if you really are interested, please send private message and let’s continue from there.
  3. Hi, I have used it with macs. I think it runs also on a windows. Please send me your offer privately.
  4. If you are interested, please make your offer by message!
  5. Hi, I'm selling the latest version of VWX 2021 Spotlight. You are able to join to the VSS (Vectorworks Service Select) contract with discounted price of 599€ / year (VAT 0%), if bought before the release of next major update. This VSS service allows you to get new versions in the future (2022, 2023 etc.) whenever available. Retail price is around 2990€ VAT 0%. Please make your offer privately.
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