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  1. Hi there again, in continuation to my previous post, I am adding an update to my little project: Customisable (poly)line with Arrowheads. In this version I started off from Sarah Barrett's Curved Ramp from October 2017. Basically I simplified the model by keeping the ramp flat and adding triangles to form the arrowheads. These be toggled on and off in the OIP as well as the thickness and smoothness of the curvatures. If anyone has any help on how to make the triangles turn to align with the angle of the end(s) of the polylines, that would be very much appriciated. It will give me a very usable tool for now with all additional features to add on later. Please share your thoughts or comments if you have any. Thanks in advance. Raul Arrow project 03.vwx
  2. Hi there, VW - Marionette community, As I switched jobs, I recently got introduced into Vectorworks and subsequently into Marionette, which I find very exciting. As an architect I have an Autocad background. As a way of study, I am now trying to build a little tool with Marionette that will help me draw flow diagrams on top of (existing) plans (building, masterplans). Basically I need a quick and intuitive way to easily draw (smooth) polylines of different thicknesses and colours with custom (and choosable) arrowheads. The end result should feel as one surface I already have a first step (attached file) by offsetting a polyline, adding auxiliary lines (for no specific reason right now), and circles for end and start. List of features that this tool should have in order of priority: - editable polyline (move, add/remove anchor points, bezier, straight, etc). The typical polyline tool functionality is key for editing - apply infill to the polyline. - add custom arrowhead at start, end or both. - Pick color for infill - possibility to add branches for sub flows - probably some more down the road... 🙂 Some challenges I am encountering now: - annoying line connecting 2 ends of the polyline - even though I think I have a closed area (between thick black lines) I am not able to fill the area with a color I hope I got you interested in my little project. I will try to post updates in this thread. I am not really seeking for help, as I am trying to figure this out, but of course any comments, similar examples or just pointing in some direction that might be helpful is always welcome and appreciated. Raul Arrow project 01.vwx
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