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  1. I need another 8.5.2 license. VW will only sell VW 9. There must be other people out there with the same need. I certainly support the need to improve 8.5.2 drafting abilities (All I ever wanted was a CAD program that could do every thing I was taught in high school wood shop) but VW 9 "improvements" are focused mainly on non-drafting issues i.e. 3-D, construction management. What am I supposed to do now?
  2. How about a VW product that primarily addresses architectural drafting. The current "improvements" to VW reduce drafting ability in order to provide 3D and construction management abilities that I have little use, certainly no billable use, for.
  3. Creating 2D plans, elevations and sections is the life blood of every architecture firm I have ever worked for. In my own practice 2-D drawing represents at least 70 % of the billable work. The bulk of my presentations are 2D. Local jurisdictions require 2-D drawings for architecture review and building permits. Contactors build from 2-D drawings. I could save a tremendous amount of time if Vector Works/ RenderWorks had even the most basic 2D artistic rendering/ poche capabilites. ------------------


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