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  1. Robert - There's a lot of ways to answer your question, but here's a rough description for the "top two". 1. Easiest method first (but it requires you have Architect installed versus just the VectorWorks foundation) Use the Set-Up Assistant to create your initial document. S.A. creates a Titleblock for each of your saved sheets and when you run the Issue Manager, it updates each of those titleblocks not only for the Sheet Number and Description but also a whole variety of other data that may vary by sheet. Changing the view to a different saved sheet works great because only the appropriate Titleblock will always be visible. 2. Alternate method can be used with VW or VWA. Create a "Titleblock" record format in the resource palette with fields for any text category that may change by Sheet (i.e. Sheet Number, Sheet Description, etc.) Then go to your existing Titleblock symbol and select (one at a time) each text block that fits into the category of the fields you just created. Select the menu command "Link Text..." and select the record format and field you want that text to get it's info from.After you've done that for each field, exit the symbol. If you do not already have a seperate layer created for each of your "Saved Sheets", you'll need to do that now and place a copy of this symbol on each of those Sheets. To make the titleblock data appropriate, Select this symbol on a sheet and via the "Data" pane of the info palette, you can enter the info specific to that sheet. Repeat for each of the placed symbols. Hope that helps. ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  2. On related topic - how can I get vw to remember document window size and position for a workspace that has 3x6 tool palettes on left side and side-by-side 2x6 tool palettes on the right side of screen ? I'm using an Apple 15" Flat Panel LCD Studio Display at max. resolution. Everytime I open up a document, the window is positioned as if I had a 2x6 palette on left and the same on right. Workspace Editor prior to VW9 allowed user atleast the illusion of being able to set the document default size and location. Sure would be nice to have that back - even better would be to actually be able to create a mock layout for the palettes and document window... Much Thanks- ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  3. Assuming you have a reason to keep the "unwanted" text and lines in your file (versus just deleting them for good) - Try setting the class of those items to "non-plot" and then make sure the "Non-Plot" class is set to invisible at the time you send file to the plotter. Shameless plug...<g> Lots of good tips like this can be found in "The Worksbook Architect Companion" to be published soon by "Improbability Press". Go http://www.improbability.com for more info. ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  4. Leslie


    Robert- 1. Those line weight/color attributes that are for AutoCad would certainly be helpful info for those of us that need to coordinate with ACAD drawings. Can you post them in atleast a text file for us? 2. ACAD aside, is the only reason you haven't incorporated the ability to have class attributes be included in the modify layers & classes function because there are no "official" standards? What about the user's own standards? This would be a really valuable plus - even if you just could release it as a seperate external function for the user to run. (Much Thanks!) ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  5. Juice- Are you talking about setting up the multi-scale detail sheet while you're still in the VA Set-Up Assistant? If so, once you input the number of sheets desired and select "multiple" in the scale settings, you need to click on the "Apply" button. It is only AFTER you do that that you'll be presented with a dialog where you can designate which scales you want for which of those detail sheets. -Leslie ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  6. Just out of idle curioisity... should we be amiss to infer the odds of NNA addressing any particular posting in one of their future updates based upon whether we receive this type of response: <start quote> Thank you for your request I will add the "whatever" suggestion to our wish list and hopefully this will be introduced to our program in the near future.<end quote> Versus this response: <start quote> Thank you for your suggestion. We here at Nemetschek North America are always attentive to customer suggestions. Over the years the bulk of all improvements to the MiniCad and VectorWorks programs have come from customer requests. This will be entered into our wish list and evaluated by our design team as a potential enhancement for the future. Again, we thank you for your input and continued patronage.<end quote> Just thought I'd ask....<g> ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  7. In the VW-Architect Set-Up, it lets user select multiple "plan", "detail", or other category of sheets plus the scale. But it only allows user to indicate 1 scale per Category. I need to be able to have more than one scale per category, although not necessary more than one scale per "sheet". For instance, on one sheet I might be wanting to show door jambs @ 1/2" scale and on another show elevator pit details @ 1" scale and on another show 2D wall "sections" at 1-1/2" scale. These all fit in the same "category" but require different scales and appear on different "sheets". But since I can't do this from within the VA-Arch set-up, it means I have to manually change the layer scale on these models and then my "Sheet" layers don't match the scale of the associated model layers - (for those to be changed, I have to change the titleblock symbol and that opens a whole 'nother can of worms). I'd like to see a smoother way to handle this right within the VW-Arch set-up. ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  8. I've got a menu command to "Create Walls from Polygons" - which I honestly can't remember if this came directly from DG/NNA or was a 3rd Party addition. The command runs by using whatever the last wall setting used was - but that wall setting is based on the "standard" wall tool - not the VW Arch Wall Type tool. I've tried using the eyedropper tool to set the sucked up preferences to change the current default settings, but this does not seem to work when it comes to the cavities and record field info settings created with the Wall Type Tool. I'd like to see both the eyedropper and the "walls from polygon" command to be able to handle this. Additionally, It'd be nice to be able to select certain sides of a polygon to either be exempt from having a wall created or to have a different type of wall assigned to it. (i.e. where the polygon represents the exterior of bldg. on one side, a demising wall on another and standard interior walls on another). ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Brian O: Posted for Kazis from the Architectural Thread: Is there a possibility that vector works could do a warning asking " do you want to create new classes when pasting" or somthing like that. Add to that the following two functions: 1. When user goes to the "edit saved sheets" and brings up the class/layer settings for a particular sheet, any name of any classes or layers that have been Added to the file since that sheet was first saved (or last edited) is underlined. This would serve to call out to the user that those are the setting's they need to address to update their saved sheet as desired. (Check out how "Conflict Catcher" handles changes to user-defined "Sets") 2. An external text file that keeps track of changes to vital preferences and settings for each file that the user can call up either via a menu command or in an updateable worksheet. It would have a column for Title of the particular setting description (default attributes by class, classes, layers, dimension standards, z-hts by layer, scales by layers, blah blah blah). Next column would have date of original set up / next column would have the actual settings for original date. After that, Every time a change is made to the file's standards, three new columns would be added: 1 for the date of change, 1 for the new settings, and the third column would be an "approved" cell, which user must manually check off for the altered standards to go into affect for that file. ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  10. Using a G4 w/ OS 9.0.4 - I've been crashing as much as a dozen times a day. There appears to be no particular action on my part that brings this about. Reverting to previous versions of ATI extensions helped for a while but them problem began again. At the moment, I'm suspecting it may have something to do with how the keyboard macros are written in the workspaces and if there is possibly some conflict between them and either the OS itself or perhaps the USB Keyboard extension in particular. (Cause for this suspicion is twofold: 1. I noticed that the caps lock light seems to flicker on and off on it's own while I'm working within VW (I've not noticed this with ay other application) 2. TechToolPro reported a keyboard error that it suggested may be caused by a keyboard macro program such as QuickKeys - but I don't have this or any other similar program installed and the only application that I've created custom keyboard equivalents in is VW... ------------------ Leslie Sigal Javorek (president) ELLIS JAY Inc.
  11. 165 MB Assigned as the Preferred. I've got 256 Real Ram and I've tried this both without Virtual Memory and with VM (anything from an additional 1 to 25 MB).
  12. I have also been going through this and the only way out has been to force quit (CMD-escape) and then restart CPU. I tried various adjustments of the memory assigned as well as Virtual Memory. No difference. I'm assuming this is due to some type of memory leak (?) and/or a cranky (or non-existent) error-trapping routine having to do with calling on a procedure for a non-qualifying tool - but that's a layman's guess and certainly does nothing to solve the dilemma.
  13. first time I attempted to attach hardware set to a door object after having updated to VA 1.01, VW immediately crashed. The preference set I had assigned to this document had originally been set-up using VA 1.0 which had been customized via the VA records editor to have additional fields and the hardware library had been added to based on that revised record format. Thinking this may have been the problem, I re-opened the crashed file (after CPU restart) and went back to the VA records editor - revised the record fields slightly (not the field names or quantity, just the defaults) and saved the document. I then went to the hardware library editor and revised each set slightly (just enough to hopefully force a regeneration) and saved the document again. Next I tried to assign a hardware set to one of my door objects - and again VW immediately crashed. Any thoughts what's causing this and/or how to cure? (BTW, I sent copy of this to bugsubmit along with copy of the pref set in question - do these end up in the same hands at DG (therefore unnecessary to send to both addresses ?)
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