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  1. There are two drivers listed under WinXP at the HP driver page. If you click on them and look at the descriptions, one says it is for XP and the other says it is for NT4. The XP driver should be pl532en.exe.
  2. After downloading the 9.5.1 update, I noticed that the Smart Cursor cue for "corner" no longer shows up. This was very handy for dimensioning to the centerlines of walls. Is this intentional or is there something going on with my program?
  3. I have a new HP CP1700 which prints both Vectorworks and AutoCAD drawings with no problems. I'm on a PC with Win2000 and VW 9.5. Although our operating systems and VW versions are different I believe that the printer can only print the data that is sent to it by your software. If it prints OK from other applications its probably something in your copy of VW.
  4. Maybe I am missing something here, but the last time I looked there were a couple of gravel hatches in 9.5. I just used one the other day for backfill.
  5. For the last several days there have been almost no new postings. The dates seem to be about a week behind, and the little light bulbs that show new postings are usually lit but I am not seeing the postings. This was posted on 10/27, but shows up on the board as posted on 10/21 and also does not show as the last posting. [This message has been edited by wdickert (edited 10-21-2001).]
  6. I use an Athlon system with no more problems than others on this forum seem to have. As for Mac or PC, stick to the PC. Although Mac is the industry standard for graphics programs in the advertising industry, publishing industry etc, PC's are the standard in the CAD industry, and although Vectorworks started life as a Mac program it is a CAD program.
  7. I use an Athlon system with a 3D Labs Oxygen VX1 graphics card with no problems. I use both AutoCad and VW9 and have gone through several cards over the years. My experience has been that if you are doing serious CAD work, stick with a proffesional workstation graphics card. The VX1 is the least expensive in this group.
  8. I am talking about the unused lines of text in the standard VW border title blocks, such as project title, design firm address, consultant, etc. These are plugins and can only be edited from the object info pallet. If you delete the unused and unneeded lines of text from the object info pallet a small square will plot in their place. You can ungroup the border but then you lose the ability to edit with the object info pallet. The way it is now you either have to have a long enough project title, enough address lines, consultants, etc, to fill in all the lines, or have little ugly squares, or ungroup and lose the plugin. [This message has been edited by wdickert (edited 08-20-2001).]
  9. I plot to an old HP Draftmaster II pen plotter. Trying to hide unwanted text, as in VW's title blocks, by covering them with a polygon with line width set to zero does not work. It looks fine on screen but everything behind is plotted. Does anyone know of a workaround, or is there some other way of getting rid of the unused text lines in the title block? Thanks
  10. After working on a drawing for about 15 minutes or so, everyting in the VW workspace slows down. There is a very noticable hesitation between the mouse click and the response. This includes, selecting, drawing, picking tools or pulldown commands, etc. This is not the slow rendering, etc, that I have read posts about. The drawing is about 4 megs, and is pure 9.01. This is not a memory leak as memory stays fairly constant. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. VW 9.01, Win200, Athlon 800, 3DLabs Oxygen VX1 graphics card, 384 Mb ram.
  11. I did send files drawn in VW 9.0. Tech support was able to recreate problems, on Win2000 machines, with my files and also with drawings that they created. I also sent in files made in VW 8.5 when I first noticed the problem and was told that this was a known bug that would be fixed in either a maintenance update or new release (9.0). This seems to be a Windows problem and as such there have not been many posts, other than mine, (if any) to this forum, so all I have to go by is what tech tells me. If they can recreate it then its not computer specific. It would be helpful to know what experience other Windows users are having with this tool.
  12. When trying to create a roof from walls or polygon several things may happen. 1. Roof may be created. 2. May get message saying "Cannot create roof, too complicated" or something similar. 3. VW crashes with runtime error. 4. Roof may be created but VW may crash while trying to edit roof settings or otherwise working with roof. I have tried to figure out if there is a certain geometry that causes this, but have found that while it may create a roof for an extremely bizarre shape, it will crash or not create a fairly normal roof. This has been a problem at least since VW 8.5 (my first VW) It was a known bug then. It was a known bug in VW 9. And now it is still in VW 9.0.1. I can understand a few bugs in a program, but what I can't understand is when a company either refuses to fix or can't fix on of the main advertised features in a program. If you can't fix somethig then take it out of the sales literature. VW 9.0.1 and Win2000 [This message has been edited by wdickert (edited 07-16-2001).] [This message has been edited by wdickert (edited 07-16-2001).]
  13. How about adding gray/snap others to the layer options menu. This would allow you to snap to another layer and still be able to differentiate between the layers.
  14. I have had problems with the default font settings as follows. The "format text" setting seems to randomly change on its on, usually to one of the adjacent fonts, which means reformatting text several times a session. Also the created text does the same thing irrespective of the "format text" setting, again in one of the fonts adjacent to what I have selected. So although I "format text" properly I still have to constantly change text as it is created. VW9/WIN2000
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