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  1. This message is to Katie the Administrator. Still waiting for a solution to my problem. Still cannot save anything to disk. Keep getting "not enough space on disk" messages. I can't even save a newly created file with no drawn items. What gives?
  2. Have plenty of space on the drive. My machine is on a wireless network but I'm working on and saving to the machine that has VW installed. Our network is peer to peer. Thanks for the prompt responce.
  3. Working on a 650 mhz Gateway w/128mb.Vectorworks 8.5.2. I was working on a 3D site plan for an exhibit gallery, saved numerous times and everything was going great. Before I left for the day I saved and quit. Next morning, NO BYTES in the file. Now everytime I try to save anything I get "There is not enough space on the disk to save the file." Did harddisk defrag., Scandisk, uninstalled VW and Re-installed all to no avail. Please let me know how to get this problem solved. Thanks
  4. I keep getting failed subtraction in my 3D drawings. I don't think it's a ram issue because the files a typically 500k or less. I detail custom cabinetry and my drawings are very detailed with all of the parts drawn in 3D. It doesn't always happen in all files, but when it does, it's very time consuming to redraw. Also all of my parts are tied to records so of course I need to re-key all this info also. If anyone has an idea as to whats going on, please let me know. Thanks P.S. System is AMD anthlon 650 w/128 megs Vectorworks 8.5.2
  5. Is there a Plug-in available for viewing Vectorworks drawings on the web?
  6. quote: Originally posted by cf morgan: beware dxf converting cuves to line segments, have had luck with eps if your controller will take them Thanks for the heads-up.
  7. Is there some one out there who has experience using Vectorworks files to run a CNC router? Any special tricks involved in the exporting to .dxf before going to the machine controller to generate the G-code?
  8. An extremely powerful and useful feature I would like to see is the size info on the object Info palette linkable to an objects record so we wouldn't need to manually key in dimensions anytime an object is resized. Comments?/Suggestions?
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