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  1. hi PATW, thanks a lot for your replay. I'm really sorry, but I'm on VW2019. I'm not able to open your file. May you save your file for Vectorworks 2019? TKS a lot Mauro
  2. DEAR ALL, I'm studying all your topics in this forum to improve my ability to use MARIONETTE to realize simple parametric objects. I'm trying to realize a TRUSS Q30 .... I'm now able to choose LENGHT and rotation. what I'd like to do now is to have the possibility to choose IF see the complete TRUSS (that is expensive for my video memory) or a simple volume. IN the OIP I0d like to have a POP UP with choice A or CHOICE B.. I have some difficults to realize this May you help me?? thanks a lot Mauro
  3. DEAR ALL, I have to thank you all of you for your help. now it runs very well... have a nice day Mauro
  4. thanks a lot for your answer.... now I try.... I have to understand were I have to connect the NODE thank you
  5. HI to everybody. I'm an Italian ARCHITECT. Two years AGO I started to use VECTORWORKs and I'm improuving DAY by DAY . In this days i'm studying MARIONETTE. I'm trying to create simple objet for my job routine just LIKE a WOODEN PANEL ... I made a connection between my object "PANNELLO TAMBURATO" to a personalised RECORD The second STEP that i'm trying to improve is the possibility to find dimension x (SPESSORE) , y (LUNGHEZZA) an d z (ALTEZZA) in a report. The goal for me is have a report that says to me how many panels i have in my 3d model and what dimension they have. I hope to be clear. thanks a lot in advance for jour help.
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