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  1. I also have the callout slow down issue. Updated to VW 10. Converted 2009 document to 2010, as usual. But that beach ball is costing me time with every callout I imported from my 2009 document. New callouts are ok though. The break note fix mentioned above didn't help.
  2. Update re. i5 vs i7. Previous comments I made should be reviewed with the following considerations: The trouble I had with my core i7 and VW 2009 have been alleviated by an upgrade to VW 2010. I have 30 days to find the $ to upgrade. But, the core i7 is working very well with a noticeable speed increase over the core i5. Hope this helps! ww
  3. I have had both i5 and i7 video cards in 2 successive macs. Seems to me the i5 was more stable, less dropout when zooming and no fading of the screen when I went off the paper, albeit a might slower. I left my i5 in Sweden and have my new i7 in NY. I need to check my Sketchup 3d and will repost. Anyone have similar issues with the i7? ww 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3


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