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  1. I have contacted our local supplier in New Zealand, They have run out of the up-grade Cd's and are waiting a new shippment.... maybe next month. Thanks for the replys, I am looking forward to the new version (VW9) as my spelling is atrocious. quote: Originally posted by Brian O: This is a feature being worked on with the intention of being included in VW 9. Until that time you can use any word processing spell checker and use the copy/paste technique if need be. Searchfield: Please contact Customer Service at (410)-290-5114 to receive your free upgrade to 8.5.1 so that you will have the most current shipping version. You will then be able to download 8.5.2 from our website to have the latest version.
  2. Does any know of a spell checker that will check for spelling errors in a VectorWorks file. Currently running VW 8.0 on Windows 98.
  3. Thanks for your reply on the bubble problem. I have found that I can get text into the bubble by using checking the "link text to field" box in the Create Detail Bubble Symbol dialog box. I have check my setting and found I am in the paint mode. quote: Originally posted by FRED JOHNSON: I was having having the same problem then realized the bubble was being inserted on a layer set to "overlay" or transparent. When I changed the layer appearance to "paint" bubbles displayed correctly. HTH, fjjRA
  4. When I insert a Detail Bubble into a drawing I get no text ie record number in the bubble. The bubble has a solid fill but no text. I'm currently using version 8.0
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