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  1. fish


    I have door in my model. When I enter edit I see that it has door classess all over, but I dont see door class in the clessess menu. ALso I cant add door class, beacuse it says that there is a class with this name, althought I cant see it.
  2. The set position command for cabinets and countertops doesnt work. It shows the dialog box with the distance but it doesnt move the object after hiting enter.
  3. I want to watch my model in a section cut in 3d, but when I cut it I can only see the wireframe model not the open GL.
  4. Can I design custom knobs and legs in VW and than add them to the library and have control over where are they placed onto the cabinet doors?
  5. fish


    Is there any way to make custom door knobs, or cabinets leg and add them to the library? And have control over where they are place on the cabinets door ?


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