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  1. Hi, There is a delay if I move or resize a selected shape in 2D and until the shape has repositioned itself I can't select any other items on my plan however the Object Info picks up a shape my mouse has selected despite not being able to manipulate it or select it until the original shape has adjusted itself. The resized shape shows an outline of where it should be but the original shape is still in position and is still selected. I can speed up this process of repositioning/readjusting the original shape if I zoom in however this seems very odd. I have checked my preferences and reset them but still no joy. There is also a delay when I 'fit to page' as it takes an abnormal amount of time to re-adjust. when I highlight an object and backspace to delete it, nothing happens. These changes happened directly after I pressed what I thought was the Tilde key, underneath the escape key, as per an option to reset smart cursor settings suggested in the Vectorworks Core Concept training I am currently doing. However the key directly below the escape key on my iMac keyboard is not the Tilde key but appears to be the Section Sign key. What does this key do and if this has caused the changes in synching certain actions as per the above, how can I rectify it? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Steph
  2. Thank a lot Tamsin, I've found the 2D plant objects and have already incorporated one of them into my elevation! Yes, I am very much a beginner and need to improve m VW skills. I just had a quick look at the Vectorworks University and the site design course looks lie it will be really helpful. Thank-you. Steph
  3. Hi Tamsin, Thank-you! yes, my elevation is in 2D, I have rotated my master plan, created an elevation design layer and just drawn guidelines from one side of the 'greyed-out' image of my master plan. I will check out the Resource Manager for 2D plant objects for elevations. Thanks again, Steph
  4. Hi Benson, Still no joy, I have uploaded a test files as per your advice. The plants along my boundary line are simply plants either side of a fence on my master plan. I am therefore trying to represent these plants on my elevation in the same way as I would do if I was drawing by hand and projecting up from my master plan. Would it be helpful if I sent the elevation I am working on? Thanks, Steph Plant test.vwx
  5. HI Benson, Thanks for your feedback. I will try the steps you have outlined. Much appreciated. Steph
  6. Hi, I am new to Vectorworks and have purchased the 2019 VW Renderworks software to use on an iMac for garden design purposes, I am finishing off my GD diploma. I am self-taught on Vectorworks so please bear with me. I have created an elevation design layer on a 2D plan from my master plan (separate design layer), drawn guidelines and a boundary fence.The problem is I can't create 3D images from the 2D plants and trees I have used along the boundary line. I can see the 3D plant images with 'open GL preview' against the images in the plant preferences. I have found 'open GL preview' on the far right drop-down arrow at the top menu bar and after selecting this option, the screen changes colour and the 2D plant images disappear. I'm then promoted to import the resource and either preserve the file hierarchy or create a new one. I have selected preserve file hierarchy and then click on my elevation but nothing happens. Am I on the right track? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank-you! Steph


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