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  1. Fernando

    Printing 11x17

    1.- Go to File/Print Setup/ and choose the desired size of paper and Printer. 2.- Go to Page/Set Print Area/ and set it to One Page. VW will show you a gray rectangle representing the printable area for the size of paper that you have chosen. 3.- If change of scale is needed, go to Page/Layer Scale and set a proper scale for the drawing. You can move the printable area by choosing the "move page" tool (Z). This will let you print a particular area in a drawing by choosing "Selection" as the Print Range, when you are about to print. I hope this helps. on 11x17 or 8.5x11?? How do I print only a section of a drawing?? I am using a epson Stylus Photo 1200 printer. Thanks[/b]
  2. It would be very helpful if the name of a selected sheet could be displayed as a bookmark. Sometimes you have several sheets saved in a single file, and there is no way to know which sheet you have selected unless, of course, you name it somewhere on the sheet itself. When a file has more than 1 sheet, is there any way to add its name to the bookmark (name tag) on the top left corner of the window? Perharps something like: File Name.mcd/Sheet Name, or add a check to the pull-out from the bottom left corner?
  3. Fernando

    Renderworks lighting

    You can only set lights on a plan projection view, and then you can chage its height from a side view. They should not move or change their size when you zoom. I have had best results by giving all lights a particular class so that you can select/modify all of them at the same time. You could also sort them by type of light (spot, directional or point). The "Layer Ambient" tool is also helpful (View/Lighting...), especially when using it with other sources of light.
  4. Fernando

    Video Card

    Hannes: Thanks for your reply. I am afraid I am still having problems with renderings or I didn't turn off all extensions properly. How did you turn off your extensions on your PC?
  5. Fernando

    Video Card

    VW keeps crashing due to an "Illegal operation" caused by the Card Driver that I am using (ATI Rage Pro 128). I only get this warning when I use the shaders textures and in Render Works. Is there anybody else who uses a Pentium III Processor with RW/VW? What is the "latest" or most efficient Video Card recommended to be used with VW/RW? Thanks a lot.


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