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  1. 1.- Go to File/Print Setup/ and choose the desired size of paper and Printer. 2.- Go to Page/Set Print Area/ and set it to One Page. VW will show you a gray rectangle representing the printable area for the size of paper that you have chosen. 3.- If change of scale is needed, go to Page/Layer Scale and set a proper scale for the drawing. You can move the printable area by choosing the "move page" tool (Z). This will let you print a particular area in a drawing by choosing "Selection" as the Print Range, when you are about to print. I hope this helps. on 11x17 or 8.5x11?? How do I print only a section of a drawing?? I am using a epson Stylus Photo 1200 printer. Thanks[/b]
  2. It would be very helpful if the name of a selected sheet could be displayed as a bookmark. Sometimes you have several sheets saved in a single file, and there is no way to know which sheet you have selected unless, of course, you name it somewhere on the sheet itself. When a file has more than 1 sheet, is there any way to add its name to the bookmark (name tag) on the top left corner of the window? Perharps something like: File Name.mcd/Sheet Name, or add a check to the pull-out from the bottom left corner?
  3. You can only set lights on a plan projection view, and then you can chage its height from a side view. They should not move or change their size when you zoom. I have had best results by giving all lights a particular class so that you can select/modify all of them at the same time. You could also sort them by type of light (spot, directional or point). The "Layer Ambient" tool is also helpful (View/Lighting...), especially when using it with other sources of light.
  4. Hannes: Thanks for your reply. I am afraid I am still having problems with renderings or I didn't turn off all extensions properly. How did you turn off your extensions on your PC?
  5. VW keeps crashing due to an "Illegal operation" caused by the Card Driver that I am using (ATI Rage Pro 128). I only get this warning when I use the shaders textures and in Render Works. Is there anybody else who uses a Pentium III Processor with RW/VW? What is the "latest" or most efficient Video Card recommended to be used with VW/RW? Thanks a lot.
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