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  1. It took 3 tries to get an error free export, but it did work by inputting new files in the DB Utility, sorting from there & creating an Export file which I placed in the Plugins\VW_Land\Data folder. thanks!
  2. thanks for reply. I do begin any Plant list w/ Latin . . .Latin as a system has always worked well for me!! I entered new entries in the Plant Ref. Data screen in Latin - they did not sort after I entered about 5 or 6 entries from this screen. Nor could I delete the erroneous entries. The DB seemed stalled out & sluggish after multiple entries. Today I entered 2 records from the PRD screen, inserting in alpha order initially. I toggled between 'Common' & 'Latin' & got the list to sort. Here's a puzzler - I entered a new record, deleted it & found that an adjacent record also got deleted as well. Which brings me back to my orig. question - what is easiest / quickest way to input into VWL DB Util. or into the PRD screen? I agree w/ the Melbourne input, having separate records w/ Genus/species/variety would be aligned w/ the plant databases I've worked with.
  3. I'm running Ver 10.1.2. I found that entering new plants into the Plant Reference Data was cumbersome & did not allow sorting for alpha. order. I entered some sample entries - they did not enter in alphabetical order, nor could I successfully delete the erroneous entries I made from the Plant Ref. Data screen. (5-8 of Land. manual) I went to the VWL Plant DB Utility, entered a 'blank' for password to access, and entered more sample entries. I could successfully add & sort from this database window. (A-9 of Land. manual) However, when I went into a file to access the new records from the Plant Ref. Data window, new records I entered are not shown. I have no exist. DB to import & I need an easy way to enter new plants.
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