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  1. @Pedroleog Hey yes it is. I bought the license number - it is not a CD. I paid 2800 euros for it - what can you afford to pay for it?
  2. hey it is not a cd, it is a license number. i paid 2800 euros but am not expecting the full price... how much would you be able to afford?
  3. Hi I bought a VWX Architect 2019 licence but never really used it (what a waste of money right!) so I would like to sell it. Not sure how this works? Anyone interested? Kris
  4. I am trying to buy vectorworks fundamentals but cannot seem to find a way to download online?! I currently live in Brazil but want an English version. If i put Brazil as my country, it is giving me a store in Sao Paulo?!?! Anyone knows how i can buy it online? I have a deadline and need to purchase asap. Thanks
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