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  1. that is what we have had to do, i was hoping that there was a simple fix, as some in the office are resistant to not saving directly to the server.
  2. Are you saving directly to a network server? - yes, windows 2000 from the macs in the office using vectorworks 10.1 Can you save elsewhere on the network from within VW without getting that message? - to the host imac, no problem. Do you have Read and Write permissions for the folder in which the file is being saved? - as far as i know it is set up automatically.
  3. we are running into the following error message: -51 Nonexistent access path Attempt to Write to File - FSWrite does anyone know the cause or cure? our system- vectorworks / architect 10.0 imac w/ 10.2.4 server- windows 2000


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