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  1. Hi Boh, I have done it like that, and the weird thing is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and it seems a bit random...I don't change any settings, I don't know if anybody has seen anything like that happening... Thanks Regards, Miguel
  2. Hi, I have been working with classes overrides, and it works very well, however when it comes to sections, the way I do it is I assign to the object (let's say wall) a class, and the to each component another class. Then I try to override those component classes in the section viewport, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it works in a weird way...has this been reported already? Is it a bug? Thanks Regards, Miguel
  3. Hi all, Classes is just what I needed, it works perfect now, once each wall is in a separate class, I can override it in the viewport. Many thanks for your help. Regards, Miguel
  4. Hi @Neil Barman, Thanks for your message, sounds very good! I will give a try to the guides and to the classes, sounds like I should be able to get the result I want with them. Thanks again!
  5. Hi everybody, This is my first post here. I am new to VW and am trying to get up to speed with it. One thing I am missing and I am not sure if exists is a view template, in which you can set the appearance of different objects, applying it to different drawings (the way it works in Revit basically). Particularly, I am trying to apply colours to different wall types just for a wall types drawing, while keeping them with white fill for the normal drawings, I cannot find how to do this anyway. I thought also about using something like filters, but haven't find it either. Is there something I am missing? Thanks. Regards, Miguel


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