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  1. @klinzey Which program not requires the use of a dongle, QLC+? 😕 By the way there is no QLC+ :
  2. @Mark Eli I'm going to use this video: And I downloaded this program from https://www.malighting.com/downloads/products/grandma/ But when I'm starting Vision, I got this:
  3. @klinzey I downloaded, got it. Now I need to move the lights from VW to this console? And how to connect this console to Vision?
  4. @klinzey Where I can find this "lighting console" ?
  5. @klinzey Yes, it's logic. So now I need to change address and universe? For example:
  6. @klinzey Yes, it is. But Fixture mode is different than Fixture ID and Instrument Type for example:
  7. @klinzey In Vectorworks they are looking down, but in Vision they are focused up, and physically they are oriented up (only with moving heads). I can't post the file: "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" 😕
  8. @SCParker I'm using Vision in demo mode, settings X,Y,Z only for the whole object, but I only need light flux 😕
  9. Hi guys, I have a problem!!! When I'm sending my file from Vectorworks to Vision I got this, my lights are looking up to the sky: Although on Vectorworks my lights are looking down: How to focus my lights to down? P.S. This problem is only with moving heads.
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