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  1. Hi, is this license still available ? If so please DM me your price
  2. Is this license still available, if so please DM me to discuss
  3. Hi, i may be interested in the license, could you DM me your price please
  4. Im looking for 1x VWX Architect 2017 or greater license. Web activated. Please contact me if you have one for sale.
  5. - Also can a license be downgraded eg. can a 2018 license holder get a 2016 serial number if required. - Are licenses both Mac and PC compatible ?
  6. Ive got some questions on how the "second hand" market for Vectorworks licenses work ? - If I am based in the UK can i buy a license from anywhere, or must it be from a UK seller ? - How does the transfer process work, is it informal eg. send payment via paypal, receive serial number by email or dose a distributor act as a broker ? - If a distributor acts as a broker what costs are involved ? - Are there any limits on upgrading "second hand" licenses further ? eg. taking a 2018 license to 2019. Or taking a fundamentals license to architect. - Are all licenses serial number, web activated ? - What mechanisms are there in place to stop the original seller still using the serial number after the sale ?
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