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  1. When we bought a new license last year, our reseller mentioned the three years - he was trying to encourage us to buy the VSS. I have read it elsewhere on line but I'm afraid I cannot recall where.
  2. Thank you Jim... sadly, the Mojave upgrade has already taken place, hence my initial enquiry. So, I was mis-informed on the three years, which is disappointing. Thank you again for your information.
  3. Thank you, Marissa. I was under the impression that VW support their software for three years... we certainly made some buying decisions based on this... but now it seems that isn't correct - perhaps you can clarify? (I'm assuming three years are calendar years, not the date of the release.) Thanks for any clarification, as the remedy seems to involve a considerable (unexpected) cost.
  4. I have a similar problem with really slow text editing in VW Architect 2017 SP5. Is there a fix please? (Occurred after I upgraded MacBookPro to Mojave.) Thanks,
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