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    hello! i am currently tracing hand drawn drawings in vectorworks by importing tiff files. I have some window and door schedules to do (for those not familair, basically a huge table of numbers and descriptions) Is there an easy way to create a table in vectorworks, so the end product looks neat. Manually putting in all the numbers and text will result in a messy drawing. Or is it possible to import something created in a program such as excel? Any help would be appreciated Thanks KEV P
  2. Thanks for the reply I am using quicktime 4, so in theory it should be ok. Any other ideas??
  3. Hello My first message here but i deperately need some help. I am using Vectorworks 8.5 and am importing TIFF files and tracing over them. A labourous task but I will get there in the end. The size of TIFF files range from A4 up to A1, however, where importing the A1 sized drawings, part of the image is not displayed, always the right hand side. I can see the handles of the image, and them finish in the correct place, however some of the image is missing. It is almost like the image is to big! An example of the file can be sent if that helps but hopefully i have described my problem ok. Please help someone, its very urgent as i have a deadline on this looming Cheers Kev


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