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  1. Hi! I am interested in buying licenses! Depending on how many are still for sale 🙂 Please let me know! My email: judith@ateliertenkate.nl Thanks! Grz Judith
  2. Hi! I am looking for 2 architect licenses, please let me know if yours is still available. My email is: judith@ateliertenkate.nl
  3. Hi Ken! Is the license still available? I am interested. If it is you can contact me through: judith@ateliertenkate.nl Thanks! Grz Judith
  4. Hi Joe! I am very interested in both licenses. Are they still available? In that case let me know, my email: judith@ateliertenkate.nl grz, Judith
  5. Hi Mike, I am very interested in both licenses. If they are still available, please contact me: judith@ateliertenkate.nl Thanks! Grz, Judith
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