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  1. I would like some advice When i put a lighting device in the drawing and i get the 3 d presentation the hook is not correct on the truss. (see image) What do i wrong? Is there a simple way to solve this? The truss is a hanging point. I use the lighting instrument tool. Tnx.
  2. @markdd Hi Mark i have had a nice sollution from Justin, but I am curious about yours. I already try it with data visualization but it does not work after update, can you explain what i do wrong? I also tryd diferent records ...
  3. Tnx Justin, that explains a lot and thanks for the clear video!
  4. Hello, using VW 2019 Is it possible to change the color of truss? I tried it through, object info - customize, or pallette attributes, did nog succeed. Its purpose is 1) that we have a lot of truss in black in stock 2) more clarity for the crew which pieces of truss are in which location in the drawing, preferabley linkec to the image in de legend. Example: truss 2 meter is red, truss 3 meter is yellow ...
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    Tnx for your input.
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    Hello, Using VW2019 How can ik make the viewport smaller, and i mean the 'orange' line around is make smaller. I try to crop etc but it does not work, I can move the drawing label but still I find it to big
  7. Hi, it works and it is as easy as I hoped. TNX. Rob.
  8. Hi Nikolay, it works and it is as easy as i hoped. TNX.
  9. Hello, new in VW. I made a custum Title block, nice tool but i can not find how to link the name of the drawer (my name) to a text in title block. By revision is it working, draw date i have done with drawing stamp but i hope there is another way, without the word draft. I seen a video of 2017 but with a complex record make ... i hope it can be done easier.


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