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  1. As stated in my post, sheet layer performance issues occur on a variety of files, machines and versions. With every new VWX version this negative performance trend is more noticeable. Version 2018 and 2019 were just examples I mentioned. Why have you closed this topic for open discussion? Why do I even ask this?

  2. I have been using Vectorworks for a decade now, and it always struck me as an efficient, easy to use CAD tool. But within the last 2 years I experienced countless performance issues working on sheet layers with viewports, annotations and dimensions. This even with relatively simple 2d geometry and no heavy files. I am a freelance 3d designer, and worked with VWX on windows and Mac on a variety of machines with a variety of versions. 

    Version 2018 and 2019 are so painfully slow working on sheet layers, that work takes me multiple times longer. I was looking at this with regret and stomach ache, since in a business where time is so precious, nobody can afford a painfully ineffective workflow like this. Whats wrong with Vectorworks?


    Today I installed VWX 2019 on my four months old MacBook Pro I7 with 16MB Ram. I was unable to work on sheet layers of a 2d file,  every command was delayed massively. Even accurate scrolling was impossible on a sheet layer.

    Having to work like this is a thoroughly nerve-wrecking experience. And it is costing me jobs. I didn't hit my deadline today and I have to explain my clients why the work doesn't get done in a reasonable time. Should I tell them, Vectorworks isn't able to produce a program that does what it did 10 years ago? A Program that runs miserably on a state of the art laptop? The answer is yes, but my clients wouldn't be interested in hearing this answer. 

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