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  1. Hi C, I'm happy to chat if you wish to discuss anything else. Feel free to email support and speak with UKSales@vectorworks.net and ask to speak again with Harvey about the options of upgrading Vectorworks Fundamentals 2015 on your system (see details attached for reference). Cheers, Maria
  2. Hi C, Thank you Marylin for moderating the conversation. I am currently awaiting to buy a used licence that is compatible with my Mac Book pro, reason why I'm selling the old version as it is now not compatible with this new system (which by the way, it is quite upsetting). I have been told the transfer fee is quite high indeed, how would you feel if we went half way each? ūüėČ Let me know, I'm happy to negotiate. Feel free to ask me more, I do think it is convenient to have Marylin involved for any technical questions. Thank you. Regards, Mariasole
  3. Hello C, Yes, I am assisted by Vectorworks Support UK Sales and they have assured me that the licence would move to the new owner. I am able to sell my licence via the forum and in order to transfer the licence to a new owner, I would simply need to fill in a form which can be done for either Mac or Widows, depending what system you have. Does this answer your question? Thanks, Maria
  4. Due to the recent updates in the OS for the new MacBooks which is running on Mojave, I am looking to buy a licence for VW Fundamentals 2018. Please contact me on mariasole1612@gmail.com or follow up on this trail. Enjoy the cold season! Mariasole
  5. I am selling my license for Vectorworks Fundamentals 2015 having recently updated to a new Mac Book, the software is not compatible with Mac OS 10.14 Mojave . I have a link to download VW 2015 and is transferable to either Mac or PC users. Please message me privately if you are interested or have any questions. Transaction over Paypal or bank transfer. The price is £1000 no VAT, negotiable. Please message me privately if you are interested.


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