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  1. VW 12.5 users running VectorWorks on Intel Macs must open the program using Rosetta to import SketchUp files. If after running in Rosetta, when attempting to import a SketchUp file, nothing happens the likely cause is version of the Sketchup File. VW 12 supports SketchUp 5 and earlier. If you try importing a SketchUp 6 file in VW 12, nothing will happen.

    VectorWorks 2008 does support SketchUp 6 and does not require opening the program with Rosetta to import the SketchUp files.

  2. In the Program Files > VectorWorks 12 > Workspaces folder, remove all the Workspace files. (Dragging them out to the desktop is fine for now.)

    There should be a folder in the Workspaces folder called "Backup 1" or "Originals"

    Copy the workspaces out of this sub folder, into the main workspaces folder and try starting VectorWorks again. If the same problem happens, try running the QuickTime Player, if it does not open, download and install the latest one from Apple.

    These steps will almost definitely fix that issue if executed correctly.

  3. This is probably more than you'll need to do, but this is a complete manual uninstall of VectorWorks on a PC:

    1) Click and drag your VectorWorks folder (Default location: C > Program Files > VectorWorks) to the recycle bin. Empty the recycle bin.

    2) Click Start > Run and in the dialogue box that pops up, type ?RegEdit?

    3) On the left hand side of the window that pops up, ?Registry Editor? you will see a few small icons that look like folders with + or ? signs next to them, click all the "?" signs except the one next to ?My Computer?, you should see one folder labeled: ?HKEY_CURRENT_USER?

    4) Expand this folder by clicking the "+" sign to the left of it. Inside you will see a ?Software? folder, expand it as well.

    5) Right click on the ?Nemetschek? folder and select Delete. Do the same with the ?VectorWorks? folder.

    6) Repeat these steps for the folder ?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE? as well.

  4. The tedium involved in trying to figure out (much less manually sorting) which particular files were needed for just fundamentals would be pretty severe. Many of the files needed for other variants of VectorWorks are used in fundamentals as well, and you'd still end up copying the majority of the files regardless.

    The best way to do it, would be to copy the contents of the DVD into a folder on the server, zip/rar or otherwise compress the folder, the, push it out to all the user machines and decompress/install from there.


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