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  1. Yes! Text seems to be working properly. Thanks for all who fixed this!
  2. Marissa; Moving text around is slow. There is a good 1 second delay if I delete a piece of text. Typing new text is ok, but there is an obvious delay while backspacing or editing a piece of text. Again, w/ the OIP undocked. Many thanks.
  3. Also, Marissa, thank you for your suggestion, but I always work w/ the OIP undocked, so that does not seem like it's a viable workaround in my case. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply clarifying the state of affairs. Yes, it has to be dealt with. It is amazingly annoying, especially considering VW's easy handling of text has always been a plus. I've been using VW since it was MiniCad and the only viable Mac CAD option, so I can't imagine changing software (or platforms), but I do hope this gets fixed. Thanks again.
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but what is an OIP and how do I unlock it?!? 🙂
  6. Hi there; I am indeed having the same issue once I updated to Mojave on an older Mac Pro. Has there been any clarity on this? Thank you.
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