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  1. Thanks for the answers. A change of function DefaultPluginVWRIdentifier has solved this problem.
  2. I have an old version of my plugin. It compiled to files MyPlugin2018.vlb and MyPlugin2018.vwr. I sufficiently changed my plugin and I want to rename this version files to MyPlugin2019.vlb and MyPlugin2019.vwr. But if I rename these files and put them in Plug-Ins folder instead of old files then Vectorworks hides menus defined in my plugin and I cannot find my menus in Workspace Editor. But when I renamed files back to MyPlugin2018.vlb and MyPlugin2018.vwr then menus appeared again. How to solve this mysterious problem? Why filename influence to menu visibility?
  3. Andrey_E

    Function reference

    Thank you for the link. Include files almost do not contain comments. After working with headers containing doxygen comments it is very frustrating. Is there a reference to class VWParametricObj?
  4. Andrey_E

    Function reference

    Where is located SDK function reference? I cannot find it in downloaded SDK. SDK files contain the only introduction in file SDKManual.pdf and VectorScript reference. Also, I cannot find it on developer.vectorworks.net and on vectorworks.net. Google also cannot find references to certain functions.
  5. In folder SDKLib\Include\Interfaces\VectorWorks\Vision there is a file IVisionCommon.h. It contains interface IVisionCommon definition. This interface contains definitions of types VWPolygon, VWMesh and Meerator. But this types only defined in this interface and not used. How to get access to data that represented by these types? Is it possible to create a custom implementation of this interface?
  6. Andrey_E

    Exporter questions

    I am writing an exporter to a custom format. This format is a list of triangle meshes. So I need to represent all scene 3D objects as meshes. What is the way to convert an object to a mesh? I look in file ISDK.h but cannot find such a function. But actually, such functionality is present: there is a menu command that converts objects to meshes: "Convert to Mesh". How to call functions on which it is based? Or maybe it is possible to call this command from C++? How to call a command if I know its name? Or maybe there is sample code of an exporter to any other thimesh format? For example STL or 3DS? Or maybe I am doing this all wrong and there is a totally different way to create exporter?


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