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  1. mdodd

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    Does anyone know how I can make a staircase that has wider width at the bottom and a narrower width at the top so that it forms a trapezoid from an aerial view?
  2. mdodd

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    Very interesting! I made my staircase with the Simple Stair tool and I did not get the empty geometry. I tried the same thing with the Stair tool and got the same result as you. It seems as though the Simple Staircase automatically resolves this issue!
  3. mdodd

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    Hi! I created a regular staircase using Simple Stair. From a Top/Plan view, I used the Polygon tool to draw triangles over the parts of the staircase I didn't want. Next I extruded them to be the same height as the top tread. Finally, I used Subtract Solids to remove the triangular prisms from the staircase.
  4. mdodd

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    Figured it out. Thank you for your help!


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