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  1. I do like it. I was just hoping for an option to turn it off. Like with snapping or something. Ctrl-Click when rotating could make it rotate around the rotate tool or something like that. I can just make it a group, rotate it, then ungroup it, but that becomes cumbersome. All in the name of speeding up workflow. Thanks Maxwell
  2. Create a symbol in a blank document. Duplicate it so you have 5 instances of it. From left to right- leave the first one as is. Make the second and third a group. Make the fourth and fifth a symbol. Now using Custom Selection set it up as Symbol is [your symbol name] Click ok It will only select the item that is not within a group or symbol. See photos attached.
  3. Custom Selection and Custom Modification would work if they had a checkbox for symbols. I have found that they will only work for grouped items, but not symbols.
  4. Hey Allan, I am trying to replace symbols that are not lighting devices. The magic wand won't work if my symbols are within separate groups or symbols. I really need a global find and replace.
  5. I am working in VWX 2019 SP2. I just tested and it works properly in Top/Plan, but not in any other 3D view.
  6. Making them groups instead of symbols would work, but then if I need to move a lighting fixture it won't update all the instances. Having the lighting device records not be constrained to the symbol would be helpful.
  7. Right, but I don't want to do this with an image. I was trying to achieve this same thing, but with a 2D symbol.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have found a big issue with lighting devices within symbols. Often times I will have multiple overhead trusses or a truss mirrored SR and SL. In these cases I make the truss and all the lights on the truss a symbol so if I edit one it will update all the instances. What I have found is that when I then edit the unit number or any OIP lighting device parameters, such as channel or address, it makes all the symbol instances the same. I feel that this is not what should happen here. The fixtures should be unique so you can have lights within a symbol and they will have their own unique values within their records. I have attached a video to demonstrate this. The first part is how it should work, and the second part is what happens after I make all the fixtures a symbol. Thank you Maxwell Lighting Devices in Symbols.mp4
  9. Hi Everyone, Attached is a video to show what happens when I mirror a lighting device vs a 3D symbol. I need the lighting device to mirror how the 3D symbol does. You will see that the lighting device mirrors normally, and then flips again. Thank you Maxwell Mirror Lighting Devices.mp4
  10. Hi Everyone, I know in Spotlight I am able to find and modify or replace instruments, but I am unable to do either of these tasks with regular symbols, which is something I do often. I also find that if I have lighting devices within groups they will not be replaced by either of the spotlight tools. I was hoping all of these features could be added. Thank you Maxwell
  11. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a quick way to add standard Trailer text after a dimension. For example, I am often adding " Typ." to the ends of some dimensions and would like to make a hot key or automate this so I don't have to click the trailer text box in the OIP and type it in. Thank you Maxwell
  12. Hi Everyone, I have attached a video of a feature Sketchup has. I can't figure out how to do it in Vectorworks and was reaching out the community to see if it is possible. If not it would be a great addition. I would like to choose a symbol and have it always face the camera. I know I can assign it to the screen plane, but then it doesn't remain where it is in the 3D space. This feature is helpful to make a 2D object a little more 3D without adding a bunch of polygons. Thank you Maxwell
  13. Hi Everyone, I like the ability to use the cloud publish feature, but I would prefer an option where I can store locally and process on vectorworks cloud. Similarly, I would also like to not have to save my file to the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder. The workflow would be much faster if I could just keep my VWX file where it is and process on vectorworks cloud. Then choose what local folder I would like the PDF sent to. Is it also possible to make it an option to not create a "PDF" folder within the saved folder and not save a report as well. The report can open or save else ware, but I find that having to delete it every time is cumbersome. Thank you Maxwell
  14. Hi Everyone, I have attached a video to clarify what I am trying to do. On the left I have 4 lighting devices and on the right I have them inserted as 3D symbols. I am trying to rotate the lighting devices the same way I can rotate the 3D symbols. As you can see the lighting devices will only rotate around their origin and not based on where the rotation tool is. If I select the lighting devices with the truss it will rotate how I want it, but I don't always have lights on trusses like that. For example if I have a truss at an angle and quickly drop fixtures and duplicate them in a straight line before I move them to the truss and select them all to angle them to hang on the truss. Any thoughts? Thanks, Maxwell Lighitng Device Rotate.mp4
  15. Yes that was the issue for Wireframe, but I am still seeing the issue where they disappear in Hidden Line and OpenGL.
  16. It works fine in screen plane, but all the other ones don't work. I tried turning those settings on and off and it still doesn't work.
  17. I am able to use the class attribute overrides, but what I am looking to do is have certain classes print greyed out on certain pages and then normal on others. It seems silly to me that there is an option to have the class visible, grey, or off and 2 of those options just turns it off. I have found that the grey option works in wireframe, but when you publish it to PDF it still prints as black.
  18. I am finding that it works fine in Top/Plan, but not in any of the other 3D views, which is where the majority of my work is.
  19. So let's say I have a bunch of symbols and they are all grouped differently. How would I select and replace them with a different symbol?
  20. Thank you! I have been searching for that forever. Even the VWX tech support said it wasn't possible.
  21. Hi Everyone, I am unable to get this tool to work when I have fixtures in a group. I attached a video of my issue. I need this to select objects in the entire drawing regardless if they are in a group or symbol or not. Am I missing something here? Thanks Maxwell Vectorworks Spotlight 2019 - [Untitled4] 2_14_2019 3_24_05 PM.mp4
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