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  1. That's right AD, SP1.1. No idea how, but I get the spinning beachball when I draw lines without the hard drive, and works absolutely fine when I plug it in! It's a cheap USB powered 1Tb drive. The files are on my integral hard drive of course– I'm running absolutely nothing off the hard drive. Anyone else getting this? O
  2. Hi everyone– First post as I felt it might be helpful to share a bizarre temporary fix I have found to getting VW 2019 to work on my Mojave running MacBook Pro! I plugged in an external hard drive to make a Time Machine backup as a first step to restoring my MacBook to High Sierra, and opened VW2019 to just check that it was so painfully awful to run that it was still worth the effort of an OS reinstall. Unbelievably, it was running almost perfectly... So yesterday whilst on a train to a meeting, thinking the problem was fixed, I tried to open VW2019 again, and the old problems came back. I got home, plugged in the external hard drive again, opened VW and it was running perfectly!!! So to those in my position needing a temporary fix to run a business, give this a go! I hope this helps!!!
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