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  1. I have done a site model of a terrain. When I insert a "Hardscape" object from level zero, I would expect the Volume of the site model (of the terrain) would minus the volume occupied by the hardscape object. Yet this is not the case. See attached 2 images. I have also tried with the site modifier with Pad with retaining edge. But For some reason, I cannot get the pad to have clean laser-like cut edges from the contours nearby, instead I get a regrading which I don't want, any help please?. I understand I can use a grade limits but with the offset, I would loose the accuracy of the amount of cut. Any help would be much appreciated! Brian
  2. Hi Kevin, This is when I use different "Poly-Vertex Placement Mode" for different groups of plants. It gives me the quantity per group using the "Poly-Vertex Placement Mode" but when I select several groups (as in the photo attached in 1st post), the Quantity area is blank. Really need help on this one to make a Bill of Quantities. Any help or guide would be much appreciated!!! Brian
  3. Hi! When I selected a "group" of plants, the qty is given in the Object Info - Data Palette (See picture QTY1.gif attached). But when I select many "groups" of plants, the total quantity doesnt show. Can anyone help me? (See picture QTY2.gif attached) thanks! Brian


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