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  1. I have enrolled in Jonathan Pickup's Short Sharp Training program which takes place on the internet at monthly intervals. This training system fits well within my schedule. I have been a user of Vectorworks for sometime, but have not had the confidence to use it on a business contract. Jonathan's training is changing my attitude and providing a wealth of technical information and sound application advice. Jonathan's technical books are available directly from Vectorworks. This is money well spent.
  2. I know nothing about Mac, but why not download the Windows versions from the GSA site in MSWord. I assume that Mac Word can use those files.
  3. What is the best way to install column centerlines and bubble with designations? Is there a macro or procedure that does this best -- least amount of memory. ------------------
  4. What is the best way to setup Vectorworks Architect for renovation projects? It does not appear to be applicable to the regular means of using the software for new construction projects. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
  5. Due to your experience in working on 2 platforms, have you considered issuing a Linux version of the program. I personally believe that it would be totally unique and extremely successful. In general, the work methods of the program encourage the creative thought process while working and this is very helpful.
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