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  1. This is the way we import consultant drawings (DWG files) as well -- definitely saves on a lot of unnecessary classes. The issue I am running in to is in elevation or interior elevation files and needing multiple either referenced to plan file or internal referencing viewports. The options I see are as follows, and was hoping someone much have insight on which would be better: 1. Create elevations file > reference to plans file > create multiple viewports referencing to plan file as needed. 2. Create elevations file > reference to plans file > reference is on its own layer > other layers within elevations file reference to this layer as needed (internal). I feel that option 2 is the better way to go for keeping a file smaller, but not sure if anyone might have alternate opinion on this. We unfortunately currently don't use 3d -- so elevations are still line drawings.
  2. Current office workflow for drawing elevations, interior elevations, etc. is to reference the plan file and set up multiple viewports to the plans file to set up context for drawing elevations. I have found recently that with this method it can really slow down the file. I have tried setting up files with a single referenced viewport, and the remainder being viewports on other layers referencing within the file... If that makes sense. Wondering if anyone has had experience with having multiple referenced viewports slowing down their files? If creating viewports that reference other layers within the file, rather than another file can help with this? Someone else set up the file I am currently working in, and although I've switched to a single referenced viewport it seems the file is still lagging. Thanks!


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