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  1. Hello Nick I have been in touch with vectorworks and i have attached a PDF copy of their email reply. Please can you fill out your part of the form and send it back to me. Are you OK to transfer the money into my paypal account whilst I finalise the transfer this end? - $2800 If you are happy I will send you the link to my paypal account. Scott VectorworksTransferForm_Blank.pdf Transfer of Vectorworks Designer License - FAO George or Harvey.pdf
  2. Hello Nick I will speak to Vectorworks tomorrow - they will transfer the full ownership of the subscription so you are the sole owner. I will ask them what information they need to do so. I have a paypal account do I will give you the details tomorrow. Scott
  3. Hello Nick - I have spoken to Vectorworks and the cost of transferring the licence is £150 ($196.00 USD) plus VAT - If you are happy to go halves on this then I am prepared to sell it to you for $2700 USD + $100 = $2800 (inc VAT) I look forward to hearing from you. Scott
  4. Hello Nick I think that would be ok - Before I agree I just need to speak to Vectorworks to find out how they transfer the ownership of the licence (and how much this costs) How do you intend to make the payment? Scott
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