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  1. Dear Vectorworks users, I've seen a lot of complains lately (myself included) about the speed that Vectorworks 2018/2019 is operating. Today I had contact with the service select office in Gouda from The Netherlands. My Vectorworks was fixed problem by this simple trick and I hope this works for you guys aswel. If you experience lag/loading time/crashes etc. Please follow the following instructions: Note: I had to translate the option names from Dutch to English they might be called different in the English version. Step 1: Open Vectorworks 2018/2019 Step 2: Go to the tab 'Extra' Step 3: Go to 'Settings' this should be second last option. Step 4: Select 'Vectorworks Preferences or Preferences Vectorworks' Step 5: Go to the second tab 'Display' Step 6: Go to the bottom and click on the bar that says: 'Display during navigation' Step 7: Select the 'best performance' option. (NEVER put it on the second option) Restart Vectorworks. This helped me to get rid of the following problems: - Lag in 2D drawing like, windows, ploy lines, etc. - Lag in Sheet Layers. - Lag in 3D OpenGL views. - Hidden Line renders take ages to create in Sheet Layers. If you experience any trouble feel free to contact me!
  2. Hello everybody, I've bought Vectorworks about a year ago and just upgraded to the 2019 version. Recently I am experiencing problems with my windows in my model. They take a really long time to load and when I try to change their geometry I get the well known beach ball loading icon. It doesn't matter if I select them in a 2D plan or 3D wireframe both are equally worse. It's gotten to the point where I need to save my file before clicking on a window since this may cause the file to crash or I either have to force quit the program. Other CAD software programs run just fine and it looks like it's just Vectorworks who is lagging. I was wondering if any of you experience the same 'lag' in the program itself and if so, how can I fix this? Thanks everybody in advance.😀
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