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  1. Hi Mark,

    thanks for your reply. So far I have stored the candlepower info the Lighting Symbol Maintenance list. When I now attach the lighting info record to a light instrument then the candlepower field is even empty. Populating it does not help, as it seems the only relevant number is the candlepower number in the Lighting Symbol Maintenance list. Hence this means I need to create essentially the same lights in this lists with just lower than full luminous intensity. A little awkward but feasible. Or do you have a better idea?




  2. Hi,

    Within spotlight, I would like to test lights at a luminous intensity that is less than their full value. The "Edit Light" - right click on light - opens a submenu of properties that also include an option for brightness with numerical input between 0-100%. If I set this to less than 100 and refresh my photometers (with draw beam selected) then the photometer value do not change. Any idea how to test lights at less than their 100% brigthness?



  3. Hi,

    When I use the Create Plot and Model View for vertical hanging positions, then in the model view, the beam on a focus point is not adjusted to the correct shape, e.g. a side boom is showing just an almost circle-like shape on a horizontal plane, however it should be a very stretched oval shape. Please attached file.

    Any idea how to fix this problem and get correct beam shapes?




    Create plot and model view - verticals test v01.vwx

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