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  1. Hi, I am trying to create a shelf pin hole pattern in a board, extruded and ready for export to fusion 360 for cnc milling. I have interiorcad, and I know about the facilities there for creating hole lines. But in this case I need to do it outside of interiorcad. I am wondering if it is possible to use the hole pattern tool in vectorworks to create a shelf pin hole pattern that I could then extrude to a depth, and then subtract those solids from my board? I have been unable to figure out the process for that if it exists. As it stands I will have to create these shelf pin boards in a separate design in fusion 360 and mill them as a separate job. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the newb question, I've searched documentation, google and youtube and can't seem to find the answer to a seemingly simple issue: When drawing a polyline, and including a (tangent) arc, how does one control the direction of the arc? No matter what I try, my arc only wants to go in one direction (concave instead of convex). Which is unfortunately not the direction I need it to go. I assume there is some keyboard modifier but I haven't found it. Thanks!


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