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  1. You are correct Jim. Once my first post was approved it allowed me to edit profile. All set now thx!
  2. Easy enough fix. I just had to re-run label legend and it fixed it. Not really sure why the pipe position went away though. Im guessing it has to do with how VWX recognizes the axis to rotate. I was grabbing all fixtures and pipe together. Interesting though, a curved pipe rotated with the instruments without any issues, label legend or otherwise.
  3. I'm new to the forum. Trying to edit my profile to add signature with info, etc and I get this message... First thought was maybe I didn't confirm something or didn't fully setup my account, but on the same page it tells me that my profile is 100% complete. THANKS!
  4. Hi! First forum post alert! After I select a pipe (set as lighting position) and rotate 180, the pipe disappears and label legend displays "No valid symbol selected." Also, the containers' spacing is changed in relation to the in strument symbol. See before and after rotation screenshots. All help is appreciated! Using VWX2016


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