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  1. Hey Boh, I thought I never solve this problem. thank you very much! I needed to delete the crop and now it shows the section with filling. Is this a bug or just vwx standard? The z height is correct. I just need to adjust the DLVP depending on the 0-point. Thanks. Eva
  2. Hi, we are using vwx 17 and 18 in the office. Till now I used vwx 17 and this "work-around" worked for me, now, after changing to 18, it doesn't anymore. I am creating a 5 floor house on different design layers in 3D, with storys, etc. Floor 2 is just a copy of floor 1. So to avoid drawing the same floor again, I am copying a viewport of floor 1 on the design layer of floor 2. Now I am creating a section viewport trough all the floors on a sheet layer. It worked till recently, that I saw a correct section trough every floor. But now, just the floors, without the viewport are shown correctly (red filled walls and ceiling), but the design layers with just the viewport have no fills of the walls or ceiling. But I can see outline, the doors, etc. Hope, somebody understood this What settings did I miss? Thansk for your help. Eva


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