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  1. Hi Can anyone point me to the right direction? I have purchased a new laptop and need to migrate vector work & interior cad 2017 to the new machine. Can anyone share what are the folders I need to backup and copy to the new machine?
  2. Stephen, are there any important steps I need to take for the migration to vectorwork 2018, interiorcad 2018 and vectorwop 2018. please advise if there are any unique configuration I need to update for a successful migration. I will also backup my files before the upgrade. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks Ron
  3. Thank you. I am in contact with the software provider to upgrade to 2018. Hopefully this will resolved most issue we currently face. thanks for the awesome support and sincerely appreciate your time.
  4. Thanks Bert, that’s exactly what I need. Thankful for summarising this in simple message. 😄 Stephan any advice will be great.
  5. Thanks Rob will give a try and watch up for rendering degration. as I am new to this forum, does this forum also covers interiorcad which is an add on product to vectorwork?
  6. Hi, Does anyone knows how to add new hafele handles into vectorwork / interiorcad? In Hafele website, there are CAD files which we can download in vectorwork format via a software "Click2Cad" I follow the instruction to download, however it doesn't seems to do anything on Vectorwork. Following is a Click2Cad.mp4
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