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  1. After updating to Service Pack 4, Vectorworks will "lose" it's internet connection. I have checked all firewall and virus programs and they are all correct. If I run the Repair feature in Vectorworks Updater it will repair (1) file (never says which file), then reboot my computer, it will function normally, for a time. Then at some random point it loses it's connection and will not download resources. This is quite frustrating and time consuming. I'm reluctant to perform a clean install as I have multiple add-ons and customizations. This didn't start until the SP4 release. Thoughts?





    Screenshot 2024-03-19 120340.png


    Screenshot 2024-03-19 120502.png

  2. Updated to SP5 (Win10) and now NONE of my files that have DWG files imported into them will open. As soon as the file opens, Vectorworks immediately crashes and closes. I can even start a new file using my template file because it was based off a DWG file. Does anyone have a workaround? How do I revert back to SP4? It was working just fine. Never should have updated.... Please help!

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  3. When trying to edit the Drawing Label, the text size does not go below 8 pts. Sometimes this is still too big and needs to go down to 4 pts or even 2 pts in order to fit in the space allowed. Please remove this restriction. It would also be helpful to fill the text background of the title and scale information, not just the sheet/drawing bubble.

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