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  1. I am now looking to adapt the script so that I can find the position of multiple points on the curve (input as a list, with the amount of points variable). I have managed to do this with the simple version of the script, using Mix2 - Cross reference. However, when I try this on the more accurate script, I get a problem at dialing in closer to the values, because the min item and max item are taken from 1 list with all input points together, not per individual input point. Is there a way to split these list and apply the min and max item per part of the list, keeping in mind that the amount of splits is variable ? Or should I approach the problem different? ' Grafting' the list would work I think, but it doesn't seem possible within VW?
  2. I didn't think of this approach yet, but this will indeed work for me. Thank you very much !
  3. Hi there, Is there a possibility to find the position on a nurbs-curve of a point in marionette? I have the XYZ coordinates of the point, and I know the nurbs curve is going through the point. but now I need to know the points position relative to the length of the curve (so between 0 and 1). The ' Points on curve' node is doing the exact opposite of what I need, it gives the XYZ coordinates of a point at the given position on the curve. The only node I can find that does something similar is the 'Get Parameter' node, but this only gives me the parameter, not the position. Since it's a 3D curved nurbs, the parameter is not the same as the position. Thank you for your help!


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